Virginia Band and Orchestra Director's Association


Bus Parking: Work with others to direct bus traffic into parking lot and spaces. We are looking for someone to lead this area, as well.

Pit Parking: Direct vehicles with trailers into Pit parking area (as part of a team); help unload if needed. 

Visitor/Spectator Parking: Direct traffic into handicap (as appropriate) or to regular parking areas. Help with fence (open/close) as bands enter the stadium 


Prepare and sell concessions throughout the event. 


Hold signs in stands reminding spectators to remain quiet during the performances. A sign holder is placed in each section (down front). This etiquette is taken seriously. 


The students perform this job for most of the day, however, we will need adults to replace them when they leave to get ready and warmup for their assessment. You will lead visiting bands to their warmup area and then to stadium for their assessment. You will need to be able to keep them to the time schedule published 


Gate Attendant: Collect tickets or check hand stamps to allow entry; Open/close gates to assist bands exiting the stadium 

Stand Attendant: Hold rope across entrance to stands while bands are on the field. No one is allowed entrance once the announcer introduces the band. Once they finish, people are allowed to enter/exit the stands 


Keep 4 water stations stocked with cups and coolers full of water throughout the event. Stations are at warm up areas and on walk to and from the stadium. Students man the stations and fill the cups for bands to drink. 


Organize, prepare, serve, and deliver food to volunteers (parent and student). a. This is an indoor job with seating available, if a person needs these conditions. 

b. We need a co-chair in this area

c.  We also need 2 people willing to prepare & serve lunch for the judges. 


Ticket Sales: sell tickets, give change in ticket booths (at entrance of stadium), this is a seated/sheltered job, if a person needs these conditions. Note: VBODA sets ticket prices and does not allow special entry passes – we are a host site, not the governing body

Program Sales: Sell VBODA programs to visitors/spectators; collect money, give change. 


We provide a First Aid tent for participants and volunteers to receive care in the event of minor injury.  We need parent volunteers to serve in the first aid tent.